• Do Carhartt WIP garments have to be washed before being worn for the first time?

    As many of our items are dyed, we recommend that you wash our pieces before wearing them for the first time. Please check the individual washing instructions for each item. This does not apply to our rigid or rinsed denim pieces. Please note that rigid denim items require special care.

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  • How should garments be washed?

    Every item of clothing includes a label detailing the particular instructions for care. The recommended temperature on the label should not be exceeded, although It is fine to wash your items at a lower temperature than the one stated. Please note that wool and rigid denim items require special care.

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  • What kind of leather does Carhartt WIP use for its products?

    We only use leather sourced as a by-product from farm animals that are reared for their meat. We do not use leather sourced from any endangered species.

  • Where does the down come from that Carhartt WIP uses?

    We only use down sourced as a by-product from farm animals bred for meat. This means the animals are not plucked alive for the down production.

  • Is real fur used in fur trimmings on jackets?

    Our fur trimmings are made using faux fur.

  • Do Carhartt WIP sunglasses offer safe UV protection?

    Our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection.

  • Sheet on environmental qualities and characteristics

    Carhartt WIP traces its supply chain and transparently communicates it to you.

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